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Tryout class is when a student meets a teacher and other students in the class. The student participates in real lesson to find out if the class is right for him and the teacher evaluates the student. The teacher will give recommendations after the class if the class is not right for the particular student. Depending on a class and where the group is, some teachers decide to do evaluation on 1:1 schedule.

How it works

Choose classes

Choose classes that are suitable for your kid's age, Russian language level proficiency, and your schedule. You can choose several classes for each child.

Send a request

Contact the teacher directly via class page asking for tryout session. You may ask additional questions, explain your goals for the class and any information about your student.

Join the lesson

Join in the lesson according to the schedule discussed with the teacher previously. Teachers are happy to meet new students!

How to determine the level of Russian language proficiency

Officially there are 6 levels of Russian language proficiency and each has its own criteria and minimum set of words that a student should know. During the trial lesson, the teacher will talk to each child and help to determine whether this class is suitable for a particular child.


The child knows that another language exists and may even have learned a few words. However, if you speak to him in Russian, he will not understand anything.


You can speak to the child in Russian and he understands everything, but he will answer in English.


The child understands Russian speech and answers in Russian, can talk on elementary topics, even if he or she confuses the agreement of words in a sentence. However, he or she cannot read and write in Russian. If a child can't read and write due to age, but doesn't mix up gender, number and case, he/she is probably of a higher level.

Upper intermediate

Your child can understand Russian perfectly, answers in Russian, rarely makes mistakes in word coordination and can read, it doesn't matter if not fluent.


The child can communicate fluently in Russian on any topic and can read and write. However, Russian is still like a second language.


The child has recently moved to a different language environment and Russian is still his or her native language.

Questions and Answers

How much does a trial class cost?

Trial classes are completely free! These are classes for children from 3 to 105 years with different levels of Russian language skills.​

How many trial classes I can choose?

You can choose any number of classes for your children. However, one child may only attend one free trial lesson in each class.​

Where can I look for a link to a class?

A link to a class Zoom conference, an identification number, and a password for all the classes you choose will be available in your messages with the teacher.​

How will the lesson go?

In a single lesson you can not only learn a lot of new and interesting things, but also understand if this lesson is suitable for your child. You will get acquainted with the teacher and his methods of teaching, because much depends on it.

I liked the lesson! How do I sign up for a class?

To sign up for a class, go to the class directory, find the class you are interested in and send a request for registration. You can use filters by age and category or enter the name of the class you like in the 'Class name field.

Why create an account on the site?

Creating an account gives you the opportunity to see all your requests for classrooms and to correspond with teachers in one place. And also get the latest information and news from our school. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

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