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Welcome to Russian School Online help center. If you are just getting started please read through the topics or contact us.

Getting started

Once you have a Russian School Online account, you would need to add a student to your account.

To add a student, go to Dashboard -> Students. Click Add new student, fill in all the information about the student and click Save and continue.

About lessons

Different classes have different restrictions. While a teacher determin amount of kids in a class, we recommend max 6 students in language and math classes, and max 10 students in art and sport classes.

The most academic classes are 45 min and art classes are 60 min. Classes for little once are 30 min.

We use Zoom app to connect our teachers and students.

Once you have registered to a class, you will get a confirmation email. You can access a class session from the website.

  • Go to Dashboard -> Registrations.
  • You will see a list of your requests. Under a class title, you will find Connect to class link, Zoom meeting ID, and password.

Note! A password will be changed occasionally for security reasons.


Absolutely! Even though some classes have structured program, you are welcome to join at any time. And your payment will be prorated.

Unfortunately no, the teacher sets the lesson timetable based on his own timetable and time zone difference. However, you can request a different time for a private class.  The teacher will decide whether he is available or not.

If you didn’t find answers to all your question in a description of a class, you can write to the teacher through personal messages and he will help to decide if this class is right for your child.

Please note, a registration is considered as completed only when a teacher approves is. Your card is charged only after teacher’s approval.

Once the registration is approved

  • You can check your “spam” folder and add the mailing list from our school to the “white list”.
  • You can find information on your classes (links to zoom and password, lesson start time, homework, etc.) in your dashboard on the school website.

Number of classes is calculated in a period of 1 month starting on the first day of classes. For example, you send a request for a class on June 26, next class is on June 30. The system is calculating a number of classes in the period from June 30 to July 29.


The teachers of our school set the cost of one lesson. The school gives its recommendations, but the teacher makes the final decision.

Life happends, we get that. However a teacher is preparing for class in advance and starts a class on time. The teacher admits students to the meeting within 10 minutes. If you are late, the cost of the lesson is not refundable and the lesson is considered provided.

If you know in advance that your are not able to attend a lesson, please notify your teacher no later than 24 h prior the lesson and your next payment will be postponed. Our teachers are planning the schedule days in advance and plan to meet with kids on schedule. Please respect their efforts. 

It depends on when you have changed you mind and what payment plan you have chosen.

  • If you have signed up for a first time but for some reason cannot attend our school, we will refund your full tuition if you give us at least 24 hours notice before the first lesson.
  • If you choose to cancel in the middle of the month you have paid, there will be no refund.
  • If you are not sure if you will be able to attend all classes, you can pay the weekly fee.

Unfortunately, no. We accept only credit or debit cards.

Our school operates on a subscription basis, depending on which plan you have chosen (monthly or more that one month) we will automatically withdraw funds from your credit card.
To cancel your class registration, go to Dashboard -> Registrations. Find the request you want to cancel and click Show details… link. Next to your subscription plan you will find Change link. Click the link and on the next page you can change your subscription plan or cancel it.
You must cancel your request at least 24 hours before the next lesson starts.
Yes, if two children from one family want to take the same class, you have to register each student separately. Ask a teacher about discount.

If you notify a teacher in advance about missing a lesson, you next payment will be postponed. However, it does not apply for no show up.

Make-up lessons on a different day are fully up to a teacher.

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