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Questions and answers

How long is a class?

It depends on group age and subject. The most academic classes are 45 min and art classes are 60 min. Classes for little ones usually only 30 min. Lesson duration could be found in group description.

How many students are in a class?

Different classes have different restrictions. While each teacher determines number of kids in a class, we recommend max 6 students in language and math classes, and max 10 students in art and sport classes.

What software do you use for the online classes?

We use Zoom app to connect our teachers and students. Some teachers choose to assign homework or ask to print out some materials for a lesson. To share such materials, teachers usually use Google Drive.

What is your make up policy?

Life happens, we get that. However, a teacher is preparing for class in advance and plan his time. If you know you will miss a class, let your teacher know 24 hours prior the lesson and your payment will be postponed. We respect our teachers!

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