Dear prospective sponsor

RSOnline is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to preserve and promote the unique Slavic culture, heritage, arts, language, history and traditions through education.

Founded by three enthusiastic parents of bilingual kids from Austin, TX in 2020 during the pandemic. RSOnline provides a wide range of educational programs for kids, organizes tournaments and contests to promote the Russian language, as well as supportive workshops for adults.

Striving to promote bilingualism, we organize a variety of events for Russian speaking kids and their parents including workshops, chess tournaments, essay contests, and mathematical Olympiad. As the first online school to promote Russian bilingualism around the world, we have access to more than 1000 families. The school also possesses a growing social media presence with around 1000 Facebook and Instagram followers combined.

Obtaining minimal funding from our educational program, we rely heavily on external sponsorship to cover purchase and promotional related expenses for our events and activities. Our sponsors enjoy the benefits of increasing publicity and exposure through our functions. With a strong and diversified student base comprising of students from various regions, our audience is an ideal focal point for companies wishing to form the future of a nationally diverse society.

Please scroll below to find be further details on our school’s background and sponsorship options for your exploration. Only with ongoing support of our generous sponsors our initiatives could continue to come to fruition, allowing our kids to develop into valuable members of our diverse society. We would lastly like to express our genuine appreciation for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Veronika Grebennikova, 
Chief volunteer officer, Board president

What we do

Mathematical Olympiad

Mathematical Olympiad for bilingual kids from 5 to 15 years old

Letter to Ded Moroz

Secret gift exchange between bilingual kids all over the world

Chess tournament

Online Chess tournament for bilingual kids from 4 years old

Essay contest

Student Essay Contest to foster the study and appreciation of Russian language in bilingual kids

Free downloads

Unique worksheets for parents to help them plan their Russian language lessons

The content of each page is in Russian language

Benefits for sponsors

Brand exposure

Your companies name and logo will be shown on our website and social media platforms, and mentioned in our events. They could also be printed on our free handouts and souvenir products.

Allocation of sponsorship funds

While we are able to cover our operational expenses, we are still in need of funds to cover our event organization expenses. The funds that will be provided will be used exclusively for the purpose of the school – provide resources to preserve Slavic culture and Russian language among bilingual kids.

If you decide to sponsor Russian School Online, your funds will be used in the following way:

Manufacture school T-shirts
Prizes for winners of our contests and tournaments
Shipping expenses
Other miscellaneous costs incurred in major events organization

Your sponsorship is essential to us


With your company's reputable standing, we would be able to attract new students thus promoting our mission and realizing our ambitions


With more resources being available, we could further expand our outreach and scale of our events, hosting events with much higher quality and building connections with more diverse communities

New events

With more resources being available, we could organize new events which can go beyond the scale of any events that the school has organized, thus making us more efficient in raising awareness

Sponsorship options

Associate sponsor

$ 150 Yearly
  • Logos on email newsletters
  • Logos and company name on our website and social pages
  • Name mentioned at our major events

Special sponsor

Itemized donation
  • Logos on email outreach for a specific event
  • Logos and company name on an event webpage
  • Advertisements circulated on our social media platforms around event time
  • Name mentioned at an event

Major sponsor

$ 350 Yearly
  • Logos on email newsletters
  • Logos and company name on our website and social pages
  • Advertisements circulated on our social media platforms
  • Name mentioned at our major events
  • Logos printed on all souvenir products, including T-shirts, mugs, and folders

Sponsorship form

Please kindly fill in the following details and we will be in touch soon
Once again, thank you very much for your support!

Our heartfelt thank you for your consideration

We would be very grateful should you sponsor and support us.

Your generous support will certainly allow our students and other kids all over the world to ??? We believe a partnership will be beneficial to you as well. The options are flexible, and negotiations on the conditions are available based on your suitability. Please contact us should you have any enquiries.

Поддержать RSOnline

RSOnline приглашает частных лиц, фонды и корпорации сделать пожертвования в поддержку наших образовательных и просветительских программ. Взносы в любом размере приветствуются и с благодарностью принимаются.
RSOnline является некоммерческой организацией 501(c)(3), что позволяет налогоплательщикам США получать налоговые вычеты на взносы в пределах, разрешенных Налоговым управлением.

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